Application Form

Welcome to the application form to participate in the CONNECT programme as a new entrepreneur. We look forward to receiving your application!

Before applying, please read carefully the CONNECT Guide where you will find information about the administrative procedures of the programme, and take a close look at the Frequently Asked Questions. Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria and that you have your Business Plan ready. Below are the selection criteria for your information.

Selection Criteria
Criteria Points
1st Phase
Online Application
Motivation 5
(Quality of Business Plan, Entrepreneurship potential /experience, International profile, Idea & Innovation potential, Business development potential)
2nd Phase
Interview by phone/skype
(for pre-selected candidates)
(Motivation, Commitment, Business Analysis)
Match Potential
(with a host entrepreneur in Brazil)

CONNECT is open to entrepreneurs all across Europe, with limited places available. A high quality application will give you a higher chance to be selected. Please note that the information you provide will be used exclusively in the scope of the CONNECT programme. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

A copy of your application will be sent to your email address after submission. All candidates will be notified of the outcome of the selection process.

Thanks for your entrepreneurial initiative and for the interest in being CONNECTed to Brazil! Good luck! / Boa sorte! :)

Limited number of extra places available! Whilst the competition is open until 22 March, applications will be considered as they come in. So don't wait any longer!

Profile / Contact Details
For statistical purposes
A working language is a foreign language that you have no difficulty to understand, speak and write.
The financial support is described in the dedicated section in the CONNECT website.
Please be as concise and concrete as possible and include relevant information (the problems that your potential customers are dealing with, your solution to such problems, your target customers, your competitive advantages, your business/revenue model, internationalization potential, team, etc).
Please be as concise and concrete as possible, as your business is a very important criterion for selection.
Please be as concise and concrete as possible, as your motivation is a very important criterion for selection.
Please take also this chance to describe the ideal profile of the host entrepreneur for you, as this will facilitate the matching process in case you are selected. In case you have a clear idea of a company where you would like to be hosted, do persuade them to register via the application form for host entrepreneurs (available in the home page) and let us know this in the "Further relevant information" field.
Programme Duration
The minimum duration of the stay in Brazil is 1 month and the maximum duration is 3 months. Additional incomplete months are accepted, with proportional monthly financial assistance provided. Please note that EU citizens are not required a Visa for stays in Brazil up to 90 days.
Documentation and Additional Information
This information will only be available to the CONNECT management team for evaluation purposes, it will not be shared with other entrepreneurs.
Feel free to leave any comments or to provide any further relevant information that you would like to be considered within your application. If there are any specific cities in Brazil which would be more convenient to you, please write them down here. If you have already identified a host entrepreneur in Brazil and persuaded them to register via our website, please inform us here as well.
If you chose "BIC/ Incubator/ Accelerator News" or "Other" please specify